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    LOST by Helen R. Myers

    MIRA Books, 2000

    Six years before, Police Chief Jared Morgan lost his fiance to a brutal killer. Now, the killer may be back--threatening both Morgan and Michaele Ramsey, the woman Jared loves. Already, Faith, Michaele's sister, has vanished. With an alcoholic father, dead mother, and spoiled younger sister, Michaele has never had an easy life. Her long suppressed feelings for Jared only make things worse, especially if he was involved with her sister's disappearance.

    Helen R. Myers is a smooth writer who builds vivid characters. In addition to a compelling heroine in Michaele, each of Myers' secondary characters is fully realized and given unique voices. The longer format of the MIRA novel (Myers has written a number of short contemporary novels) gives Myers the canvas to bring the entire town of Split Creek, Texas to life.

    LOST should be read as a romance although it contains a complete assortment of red herrings and evil people seeing their own goals no matter what cost to others. While the reader may guess the killer fairly early, they'll want to continue reading to find out how Micheale and Jared work through their conflict.

    Two Stars

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