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    Review of THE MARRIAGE PERSCRIPTION by Debra Webb

    Harlequin American Romance #935, August 2002

    Beth McCormick loved neighbor Zach Ashton from the time she'd been a young girl--but he rebuffed her when she was seventeen and she'd rebounded into another man's arms. Now, she's a doctor, divorced, and is certain that Zach is a part of her past, not her future. But when their mothers begin to fight and Zach comes home, the two are thrust together--and all of the passion that Beth remembers bursts back into flame.

    Zach isn't the marrying kind. Sure he'd once thought he would marry Beth, but that was before she'd married someone else. Now he dates women and moves on. And Beth is a good girl. If he was dumb enough to fall into an affair with her, it would destroy her and their friendship. Besides, Beth hated city living and he can't see giving up his excellent job with the Colby Agency. So, there's no future for them, but all of Zach's decisions, all of his talking to himself, doesn't seem to matter when Beth is around. When she's with him, all Zach can think about is kissing, and lovemaking, and forever. And with the two matchmaking mothers at work, Zach and Beth seem to spend a lot of time together.

    Author Debra Webb delivers a pleasant romance. Her paragraphs of introspection tend to slow down the story somewhat, and the character conflict was resolved early, with a bit of an external element thrown in to complicate the story, but Webb also delivers fun moments. Beth's decision to have her belly button pierced, is an especially amusing scene.

    Two Stars

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