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    Wings ePress 2006

    Clarissa Long McBride has mourned her lost husband long enough. She steps out to the sea to put the memories behind her and start a new life when someone on a Harley swoops in and 'rescues' her. Mick Carruthers doesn't know why he has to butt in, but something about this beautiful blonde calls to him, even when he has more important things on his mind.

    Years before, Mick's brother was killed as a result of a drug smuggling operation gone bad. Since then, Mick has lived to get his revenge on Prolux, the man who killed his brother. He has worked his way up in the organization working and witing for the chance to destroy Prolux and the entire corrupt organization. Now he finds himself diverted, captivated, by the beautiful woman who needs the kind of love he so desperately wants to give her.

    Author Kay Sisk (see also our reviews of other novels by this author) builds up the conflict in layers. Clarissa cannot trust a man who is obviously involved on the wrong side of the law. Every time she sees him, he's with a different woman. Still, she can't make herself say no when he turns his charms her way. In fact, for the first time in the year since she lost her husband in a boating accident, she is able to paint again. When Prolux orders Mick to kill Clarissa to prove his loyalty to the organization and earn his way up to a big promotion, Mick is torn between revenge and love.

    Sisk blends suspense and humor with a fast-paced style. Mick and Clarissa are well developed and believable characters.

    Four Stars

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