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    IN NAME ONLY by K. Sue Morgan

    Precious Gem Historical, Kensington April, 1999 Margaret Tierney saw what love can do to a career and has vowed never to fall for that fate. Her mother was an accomplished artist until she met Margaret's father. Like her mother, Margaret is an artist. Unlike her mother, Margaret will never give up her independence. Colter Wellbourne is a Texas Ranger who lost his wife in childbirth. He will never submit himself to this pain of loss again.

    Margaret finds Colter wounded and both of their hearts are instantly at risk. They fight a growing awareness and attraction like moths trying to survive contact with a flame. When Margaret proposes a marriage of convenience to save her ex-slave servants from being dragged back into captivity, Colter agrees--but cannot limit himself to continuing a marriage IN NAME ONLY.

    Morgan writes a page-turning story with enough adventure and plot to hang the romance on. The novel is set in the Texas Republic during the early 19th century and takes advantage of the atmosphere of this frontier nation while keeping the focus on the growing relationship between Margaret and Colter.

    Three Stars

    As a Precious Gem publication, IN NAME ONLY is available only in limited distribution.