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    Review of NOTORIOUS by Vicki Lewis Thompson

    Harlequin Blaze, Launch, August 2001

    Rancher Noah Garfield can't visit Las Vegas without thinking about sex--and when he thinks about sex, he thinks about Keely Branscom. She was the bad girl he wanted growing up--the one who he managed to resist when she was 16 and too young, but who then posed for a centerfold and left home. He can't believe it when he sees her in Las Vegas and resolves to do everything he can to save her.

    Keely has never forgiven Noah for spurning her advances at 16, and this is her chance for revenge. She'll treat him to a weekend of sex he'll never forget, then move on with her life. At least she doesn't have to return to the dreary and conservative land of ranches and nosy people. The one thing she can't risk, though, is falling in love with Noah--again. But surely she's out of that now--isn't she?

    Author Vicki Lewis Thompson (see all reviews of novels by this author) writes a sexy story. Noah promises himself that he'll keep his hands off the beautiful Keely, but he doesn't have a chance when Keely turns up the heat--and boy does she turn up the heat. A Vegas wedding adds to the emotional impact of the moment as both Keely and Noah review their thoughts on what marriage means and their hopes or fears for their own future. NOTORIOUS was the launch book for Harlequin's BLAZE series--and it delivers both the sexy premise (he thinks she's a topless dancer and possibly a prostitute) and follow-through that BLAZE is built around.

    Three Stars

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