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    Review of OUT OF CONTROL by Suzanne Brockmann (See her website)

    Ballantine Books, March 2002

    When her uncle is kidnapped, heiress Savannah von Hopf sets off to pay the ransom. Savannah is ready to do what it takes to rescue her uncle but she's not too proud to look for some help--especially if that help can come from handsome Navy Seal WildCard Ken Karmody. Especially since she's had a mad crush on Karmondy for years. When they arrive in Jakarta, though, the simple ransom exchange goes horribly wrong. Savannah and Karmondy are themselves kidnapped. Almost equally bad from Savannah's point of view, the man she is quickly falling in love with thinks she is a mercenary witch.

    Back in the U.S., the FBI and Karmondy's Seal team are setting up for a rescue of their own. Savannah's uncle is the son of a World War II spy-heroine and the special forces aren't about to forget their debts.

    Author Suzanne Brockmann (see reviews of other novels by this author) weaves together an exciting adventure as Savannah and Karmondy wade through the twin jungles of Indonesia and of their passion and distrust. A parallel romance between missionary Molly Anderson and pilot 'Dave Jones' strengthens the story. Indeed, the romance between Molly and 'Jones' is truly the more powerful and angst-ridden of the two.

    Some teriffic action, some serious jungle survival, and just enough of the continuing character development of the FBI and Seal teams round out the strengths of this fine novel.

    I found the outtakes from the World War II memoires to add little to the story and lack the emotional intensity of the present-day romances but this did little to detract from the compelling story line.

    Four Stars

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