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    Dell Books, June 1999

    Ash Merrick has done, and would do, anything to ransom his brother from the French prison that holds him. Even serve Carr, the father he hates, the father who killed Ash's mother, betrayed Bonnie Prince Charlie, and has turned the Scottish Virgin's Blush into a castle of gambling and debauchery. When Carr demands that Ash bring him his young ward--a woman he had ignored for years, Ash fears the worst for Rhiannon Russell but goes to do his father's bidding. The money will almost be enough to ransom his brother.

    Rhiannon's plans definitely do not call for the sudden appearance of her protector, let alone his too-sexy son. She intends to marry in a matter of weeks. When Ash agrees to stay for the marriage, all obstacles to her happiness appear to vanish. Except she cannot get Ash out of her mind. Surely this passion should be reserved for her fiance, Phillip. When Ash kidnaps her with some rediculous story about protecting her from Phillip's assasination attempts, she realizes what a mistake she made. Can she put away the feelings she has for him?

    Connie Brockway has created a wonderfully dark and motivated hero. Ash has survived by hiding his feelings, by doing whatever he needed to do no matter what moral costs. To him, Rhiannon represents what is pure, and what he can never hold. Yet Rhiannon represents his only chance at redemption, but only if each can overcome their fears.

    THE PASSIONATE ONE is the first in the McClairen's Isle series, novels set in the 1760s when memory of Bonnie Prince Charlie still unsettle the Scottish Highlands and when English soldiers and lords hold sway over the still inflamed Scottish passions. Brockway combines sensual romance with exciting adventure.

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    Four Stars

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