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    Review of THE PERFECT VICTIM by Linda Castillo

    Jove Books, August 2002

    Death seems to surround coffee shop owner Addison Fox as she attempts to discover information about her birth parents. A foiled attempt on Addison's own life convinces her the deaths and accidents aren't just bad luck--someone is trying to wipe out all links to Addison's past. She finds an unlikely ally in a burned out investigator, Randall Talbot, who seems to be the only person who understands what she's going through and who can protect her from a murderer. But can Addison protect herself from an attraction to a man with darkness in his very soul?

    In her first single-title novel, Ms. Castillo (see also other reviews of novels by this author) has created a gritty page-turner that will keep any romantic suspense fan's heart thumping. As the clues mount, the body count grows higher and all avenues of escape disappear for Addison and Randall, leading to a riveting climax that pits our heroes against a relentless clock and a merciless villain. Highly satisfying!

    Four Stars

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