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    THE PIRATE O'KEEFE by Helen R. Myers

    Silhouette Desire #506, July 1989

    Dr. Laura Connell struggles to do her best for the poor workers in Big Salt, a small Caribbean island. They need money and equipment. They don't need a rich slash-and-burn business mogul to turn their island paradise into an overdeveloped tourist destination. When Garret O'Keefe washes up from a shipwreck, Laura suspects he is hiding something. She doesn't expect that he will become the man to whom she loses her heart--and the exact real estate developer she most fears.

    Helen R. Myers writes a compelling novel. The characters come to life in her skilled hands. Big Salt itself becomes a character on its own--a compelling venue worthy of Laura's concern. The escalating romance between a woman who wants to do good and a man who's always done well for himself carries both emotional and sensual depth.

    Four Stars

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