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    Review of PLAIN JANE'S PLAN by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Harlequin American #942, October 2002

    Dentist Allison Crane has been in love with way-cute Dr. Jeff Hardison forever, but he thinks they're just best friends. When Allison goes on a bike-riding binge and loses the extra pounds she's been carrying, she thinks maybe he'll notice now--except he doesn't. When Jeff comes up with the idea of pretending to be engaged to Allison so he can stay away from the hungry woman who's been chasing him, Allison doesn't know whether to accept, or slap him in the face. Surely a makeover, with the help of Jeff's sister-in-law Anne, will open his eyes???

    Jeff Hardisson knows Allison--she's the girl next door, the neighborhood dentist, and a buddy. So why, all of a sudden, does he feel proprietary when other men at the convention they attend start paying her a lot of attention. Somehow, without his noticing, Allison turned into a babe. Jeff plays the field and has never let himself get tied down. When he looks at Allison, he wonders whether that strategy is really the way to go.

    Talented author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by this author) has turned out another hot Hardison story. Lennox's trademark sly humor and smooth story-telling are complemented by the emotional distress that Allison goes through as she sees Jeff begin to respond to her just as she learns that she may have cancer. Fans of VIXEN IN DISGUISE (see our review) will be happy to see Anne and Wade well integrated into this story. This series should be a breakout for Lennox's career.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/16/02

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