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    PROMISE OF GOLD by Kristen Kyle

    Bantam Books, April 2002

    Archeologist and adventurer Derek Carlisle, Viscount Graystone has almost everything he needs for the greatest discovery of his life. A Spanish galleon, filled with treasures from China as well as new world gold, lies sunk and he has the equipment to discover and recover it. All he needs is one book--held by Cuban aristocrat Don Geraldo de Vargas. When Vargas refuses to sell, and when beautiful thief Rosa Wright steals the book, Derek faces new challenges and the possibility of taking on a greedy and mercenary new partner. Rosa has problems of her own. With three aging god-fathers to take care of, she desperately needs some means of assuring their comfort. The treasure of a Spanish galleon is too much to resist. Yet does she really have the right to demand so much of Derek, especially after her godfather's frame him for the very theft she committed?

    Set in the late 19th century during the Spanish-American war, PROMISE OF GOLD combines romance, Rosa's endearing and interfering godfathers, and adventure. Author Kristen Kyle draws up the sexual tension between these two unwilling partners, throwing them into conflict at every opportunity, yet never letting up on the attraction that draws them together. Kyle's research into 19th century undersea technology makes the story seem more authentic and adds opportunities for additional adventure--and romance.

    Four Stars

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