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    Review of RANDALL HONOR by Judy Christenberry (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #930, July 2002

    Dr. Jonathan (Jon) Wilson has four years to put into rural Rawhide, Wyoming in return for the government grant that put him through medical school. Then he'll return home, to Chicago. Rawhide's matchmakers' plans to find him a wife that will make him stick don't scare him--he has plans of his own. And his plans certainly don't include too-pretty, too-blonde Victoria (Tori) Randall. Fortunately for Jon, Tori doesn't seem interested in him either. Unfortunately, the matchmakers are able to keep the two together and it is just so hard to keep their hands off each other.

    During a night in a mountain cabin, Tori and Jon make love--and Jon thoughtlessly asks whether Tory was on the pill. Knowing that this means that Jon wants only sex without any feeling, Tory refuses to speak to him through most of the rest of the book. Jon gradually learns that his feelings go way deeper than a casual fling--but how can he make Tory listen to him long enough to explain?

    Author Judy Christenberry (see also reviews of other novels by this author) has become a reader favorite thanks to her heart-warming stories of rich cowboys and Cinderella heroines. Set in Christenberry's BRIDES FOR BROTHERS series (Tory is a daughter of one of the original four Randall brothers), RANDALL HONOR will please fans who demand more Randalls and give them new looks at many of their favorite characters.

    Four Stars

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