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    Review of RANDALL RICHES by Judy Christenberry (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #918, April 2002

    With a broken ankle and unable to drive, Rich Randall has to swallow his pride and ask beautiful waitress Samantha (Sam) Jeffers for help. When her help gets her fired, he knows he will have to make it up to her--but how. It isn't that he doesn't find Sam attractive--but he knows she is the kind of woman who plays for keeps and Rich has years ahead before he'll be ready to settle down. Samantha grew up without family and has sworn not to let herself enjoy what she can't have--she won't even eat chocolate because she may not be able to afford it later. Still, when she sees the Randall family, she can't help wishing that she could be part of it. With Rich's feelings crystal clear, though, Sam knows she has to move on. Only Rich's kisses and her needs for family make her want to stay just a little longer.

    Author Judy Christenberry (see also reviews of other novels by this author) delivers one of her patented Cinderella heroines in the wounded fighter Sam. Samantha and her emotional and physical battles for independence drive the plot of RANDALL RICHES in ways reminiscent of the very best Christenberry. Fans of the Randall series will enjoy seeing the entire family still working together and still enjoying the differences that makes each of them so special.

    Four Stars

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