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    Review of THE RICH GIRL GIES WILD by Leah Vale

    Harlequin American Romance #936, August 2002

    Ashley Rivers has secured her place in her family by handling their social arrangements, by keeping everything under control, and by following the rules of Propriety, Presentation and Principle. When her brother invites his friend 'Mac Wild' to stay for a couple of weeks and then disappears himself, Ashley knows she has to be the proper hostess. But how can she be when she feels nothing but desire every time she looks at Mac?

    Billionaire Wilder 'Mac' MacDougal is on the run. On the run from a socialite with a fake pregnancy and a big urge to land him, from his family with their need to tame him, and from his memories of the woman whom he loved until her abrupt death. A MacDougal loves only once--it's a rule he knows and feels comfortable with. But he can't help thinking that a little lovemaking would be just the thing to break Ashley from her prim and proper rules. At least that's how it starts.

    Author Leah Vale starts slowly. Ashley misses so many hints about Mac's background that a sensible reader begins to question her intelligence--and laughs when Mac decides she must be smart. But Vale turns up the heat in the second half of the book--increasing both sensuality and emotional intensity. The scene where Ashley turns up at the MacDougal wedding ready to fight for her love is truly endearing.

    Two Stars

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