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    IF THE RING FITS by Melissa McClone

    Silhouette Romance, February 2000 #1431

    Review by Karen Leabo

    Prince Richard de Thierry was trying to bring his tiny principality into the 21st century. He did not believe in magic or ridiculous legends choosing his bride for him. But when clutzy American heiress Christina Amrstrong tried on the "enchanted" de Thierry engagement ring, and the ring got stuck, tradition dictated that he marry her or lose his throne.

    Richard liked Christina, but he had no intention of marrying a title-hungry American like his last fiancee. And press-shy Christina, though wildly attracted to the prince, had in mind a quieter future for herself featuring a low-profile husband.

    First-time author Melissa McClone has created a delicious fairy-tale full of laughter and a touch of magic. Provided you don't like your stories too reality-based, IF THE RING FITS... should provide you with an enjoyable read, some giggles, and a satisfied sigh at the end.

    Three Stars

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