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    Review of RISKY BUSINESS by Jane Sullivan (see her website)

    Harlequin Temptation #998, October 2002

    Six months before, Jack Kellerman spent a wonderful weekend with a beautiful woman--who vanished from his bed while he was sleeping. When he sees Rachel on a Denver street, Jack can't resist following--and pushing himself into her life. The bond he felt went way beyond sex (although sex was certainly an important part of it), and Jack needs to see where it will take them.

    Rachel Westover pretended to be married to Jack to help get her job at a prestigious Denver architectural firm. But she never expected to have to deal with him again. When Jack shows up at her office just as the staff is heading for a retreat at a mountain resort, Jack manages to wangle his way into the group--and she can't exactly tell her boss that she lied about the husband. But it doesn't take long before Jack starts wangling his way back into her heart as well. And Rachel knows exactly how dangerous that could be. She needs to be the good girl--and knows how dangerous taking a chance can be. And Jack is nothing but dangerous--fun in a guilt-ridden package.

    Author Jane Sullivan (see all reviews of novels by this author, see also all reviews of novels by this author under the name Jane Graves) writes a sexy and emotionally satisfying novel with flashes of laugh-out-loud comic genius. Jack is all fun and games on the surface, but has a serious side that finds its mate in Rachel. Sullivan does a wonderful job showing a parallel growth in sexual and emotional closeness between these two damaged characters--leading up to the inevitable disaster where each must take stock of their lives and decide whether they dare take a chance with their greatest fears.

    This may be Sullivan's best yet--and that's saying a lot.

    Four Stars

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