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    Review of DYNAMITING DADDY'S DREAM HOUSE by Robyn Anders, May 2003

    Troy Garrett is back from the wars. When his ex-wife died, leaving Troy with their 4-year-old daughter, Annie, ex-mercenary Troy hangs up his guns and heads to California to become a full time daddy. He's bought the perfect house on the cliffs of Malibu, and hopes that somehow he can get though Annie's anger and become the part of his daughter's life he's always wanted to be. He has given up on women for the duration--raising a girl is complicated enough, but then again, he doesn't expect to meet beautiful Jill Villars--or to see her dynamite his new home off its cliff and into the ocean.

    Jill has fought to re-establish the construction firm her father lost to a crooked partner, taking the hard and dangerous demolition jobs that no one else wants. Her current job should have been a cakewalk. When she sees Troy's home fall over the cliff, she sees her future going with it. Annie quickly captures Jill's heart, but Troy sends all of her hormones into overdrive--and sets off danger alarms throughout her body. She tries to resist the temptation, but the accident at his home thrusts them together and she starts liking the sound of his crazy ideas--ideas about marriage and raising Annie together. favorite author Robyn Anders (see more reviews of novels by Robyn Anders) delivers another sexy romantic novel in DYNAMITING DADDY'S DREAM HOUSE. Anders's sly humor will provoke plenty of smiles and a few outright belly-laughs as Troy and Jill try to deal with their own issues and end up complicating everything. Annie is a wonderfully developed character--a precocious brat far more realistic than the overly-sweet matchmaking children too common in romance novels.

    DYNAMITING DADDY'S DREAM HOUSE is a short, fun contemporary read. Although it is sensual and romantic, this is a traditional (no explicit sex) novel.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/07/03

    DYNAMITING DADDY'S DREAM HOUSE is available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Palm Reader/eReader and (zipped) Microsoft Reader formats. (See also more great romances)