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    Review of MIRACLE OF LOVE by Victoria Chancellor (see her website), 2003

    Her son is dying and the doctors give him no hope, but Erina O'Shea prays for a miracle. When she appears in a strange man's bedroom, she knows it is the miracle, but what kind of strange miracle would bring her to such a strange world--a world that she soon learns is her future. Brought forward from 1896, Erina must cope with modern attitudes, modern miracles, and the incredibly handsome Grant Kilby--a descendent of the very man who got her pregnant and then abandoned her.

    Grant Kilby thinks he has heard just about every story, but this jumbled tale of time travel and miracles just about takes the cake. Still, baby Colin is seriously ill and Grant knows that no one else will help Erina. And perhaps it isn't a lie--maybe the stress of being a single mother with a desparately ill baby has driven her into believing that she is from a simpler time. He certainly can't believe that his grandfather got her pregnant. Not that he knew the man, but surely...

    In some ways, the modern world is a wonder, but its rules aren't made for a woman who lacks documentation, and who, according to the doctors, has been abusing her child by denying it modern medical care. Unless Grat and Erina cooperate, they may end up in serious trouble. Modern medical science works wonders on baby Colin's heart, but it will take more than medicine to heal the damage that Erina's heart sustained when her lover raped and abandoned her. Still, she can't ignore the attraction she feels toward Grant, but can she really trust a rich man to think of anything but his own ease? Erina had prayed only for a miracle for her son. But it will take another miracle for her to find true happiness with Grant.

    Reader favorite Victoria Chancellor (see more reviews of romance by Chancellor) delivers an emotionally moving story of love and the miracles that it can cause.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/15/03

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