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    Review of SOME ENCHANTED EVENING by Christina Dodd (see her website)


    William Morrow, June 2004

    When revolution overtook their small kingdom of Beaumontagne, the king sent his three daughters to England for safety. Despite the success of the counter-revolution, the three sisters are now lost, surviving on their wits in a foreign land. Middle sister, Clarice, is trying to stay ahead of the English law and make a living selling cosmetics when she travels to Scotland, to the fiefdom of Robert MacKenzie, Earl of Hepburn. Robert doesn't believe Clarice is a real princess, but he does suspect she's a great actor--and he needs an actor for a revenge plan.

    Robert invites Clarice to help his sister plan a ball to honor an English war hero and lets his desire urge him to a forceful seduction. Eventually he persuades Clarice to go along with his plan--but revenge has a way of backfiring and Clarice finds herself in danger. Can Robert admit the depths of his feeling to himself and admit the love he feels? Can Clarice give up her duty to her country and settle for love?

    Fans of highly sensual regency-era romance are likely to enjoy the Scottish setting, the dark and driven hero, and the duty-bound princess. I found the love scenes to be too similar to rape to appreciate the sensuality of the writing and am still confused as to how Robert could knife an English guard and not fear legal consequences.

    Author Christina Dodd (see more reviews of novels by Dodd) will please her fans with this book but I couldn't help thinking that it could have been a bit more clever.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 7/23/04

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