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    THE FORGOTTEN COWBOY by Kara Lennox (see her website)

    Harlequin American #1052, January 2005

    When she wakes up from a car accident, Willow Marsden discovers that she has a form of amnesia that makes her unable to recognize familiar things--like well-known faces. She still has all of her memories, like the way too-handsome cowboy Cal Chandler ruined her life, but she doesn't remember exactly what Cal looked like. When she meets a handsome man at a wedding, he sweeps her off her feet, charming her, kissing her, and asking her out on a date. He knows her, but she can't even begin to guess who this mysterious man might be. Still, anyone would be better than Cal--and now that her dreams of becoming a doctor are on the rocks (a doctor who couldn't recognize things, like lungs or hearts, would be a hazard), she needs to think about what else to do with her life.

    Cal Chandler has always loved Willow. But since her parents caught them in the act of making love, Willow has cut him out of her life, blaming him for her parents' decision not to let her go away to college. He's elated when she smiles at him, seems to enjoy being with him, actually kisses him, after years of rejecting him. When he finds that she's kissing a stranger and still thinks of him as her nemesis, he's shaken. Still, he won't stop until he explores the fascination. And now that Willow has to give up on her dreams of being a doctor, maybe she'll have time to make his dreams come true.

    Willow and Cal explore the passions that each has kept smoldering for years, and Willow helps Cal develop his business dream--working with difficult horses and other animals to help them adjust to their lives. He's helping Willow adjust to her life too--until everything changes and he realizes that she is giving up her dreams to let him pursue his own. Dreams are important. Can a love, however strong, survive if it is based on one of the lovers giving up everything she has built her life around?

    Author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by Lennox) weaves an emotional story that explores important issues of relationships and dreams. Lennox makes both characters sympathetic, and their relationship powerful. Because with each step toward deepening the relationship. the fundamental conflict between their goals becomes more clear. In THE FORGOTTEN COWBOY, Lennox may have her strongest Harlequin American yet!

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/03/04

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