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    Review of GET BLONDIE by Carla Cassidy (see her website)

    Silhouette Bombshell #3, July 2004

    Cassie Newton thought she had retired from the super-secret SPACE agency (Special Personnel Against Criminal Elements). She thought she was content working as a detective with the Kansas City Police Department, whipping bad guys' butts and arguing with her cranky neighbor. But her former agency partner and ex-lover Kane McNabb pulls her back into the SPACE fold with an assignment she can't refuse. Because of her looks and abilities, she is supremely qualified to work undercover investigating wealthy businessman and ladies' man Adam Mercer, who it's rumored is bringing in a large shipment of tainted drugs designed to kill every drug user in the country.

    Cassie, abandoned to the streets as a child by a drug-addicted mother, has reason enough to want to catch a drug kingpin as well as keep lethal drugs off the street. But when Kane hints that Mercer might have knowledge of her mother's and brother's whereabouts, Cassie can't resist.

    Cassie is a fearless heroine you not only love, but have a healthy respect for. From her fondness for knives to her phobia about bugs, she is both strong and vulnerable. Slimy Adam Mercer is a worthy opponent, and Kane a mouth-watering romantic interest. One of the premiere books in the Bombshell line, GET BLONDIE delivers on its promise of a tough action heroine and an emotional romance rolled into one heart-stopping package.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/14/04

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