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    Review of GET BUNNY LOVE by Kathleen Long (see her website)

    Zebra Debut, March 2005

    Natan McNulty needs an event planner. If he can do a bang-up job at the dog show, his aunt will back off on her decision to sell the business his father founded. The event-planning business is the only thing he has left from his late father and he swears he'll do anything it takes to keep it. Fortunately, Beatrice (Bunny) Love is available and seems to have the qualifications needed to be a creative event planner--even if she has never actually planned an event larger than an all-family birthday party. All he needs is for her to follow directions, toe the line, and above all, stay organized.

    Bunny Love believes in feng shui, in unleashing creative potential, and in wearing her pink bunny slippers at all possible (and some not so possible) occasions. When she meets hunky Nate McNulty, she sees tremendous potential for unleashed energy, for unblocked chakras. Sure she's had some unfortunate experiences before, but this time, she's sure everything will be fine.

    Two hospital visits (for Nate) later, Bunny is undeterred. She presses ahead with her schemes, all the while preparing for a perfect dog show. What Bunny doesn't realize is that Nate's aunt and his business rival have plans to sabotage the event, to make her the scapegoat, and to destroy whatever might be developing between them. When those schemes come to fruition, the biggest doggy-cocktail party in the world isn't going to be enough to save her.

    Author Kathleen Long goes way over the top in delivering a cute romantic comedy. Nate makes a fine romantic foil, motivated by his love for his dead parents. Long does a good job making the all-in-pink fiancee sympathetic. In fact, all of the women in this story are entertaining and well motivated. GET BUNNY LOVE is an entertaining read.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/28/04

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