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    Review of GODDESS FOR HIRE by Sonia Singh

    Avon Trade, June 2004

    Maya Mehri is a thoroughly American woman of Indian descent who, by her thirtieth birthday, hasn't quite found what she wants to do with her life--other than shop, drink coffee at Starbucks, and talk on her cell phone. Though everyone else in her family is a doctor, and she's been given every opportunity, she has never held a job and lives with her parents in Newport Beach.

    On her birthday, however, things get quite a bit more complicated when she discovers she is the human incarnation of Kali, the goddess of destruction, and she now has a new dharma--to fight evil. And if that > isn't shocking enough, her family has arranged a marriage for her--to an utterly gorgeous Indian man who hates the idea of marrying her.

    This could have been a really cute book. The idea of a self-absorbed rich girl having to curtail her shopping to take goddess lessons while fighting off the forces of evil and falling in love has great potential. But while there were moments of genuine humor and insight into the clash of Indian and > American culture, the potential was never realized.

    For one thing, Maya never had to face anything truly evil. The groundwork was laid for a real battle > between good and evil--armageddon-type stuff. But the ultimate bad guy turned out to be an incompetent and rather harmless deranged man. And Maya seemed to work herself out of tight spots with far too much ease. I also felt the heroine could have been more thoroughly redeemed. She wasn't very likable in the beginning, and I felt she hadn't suffered much or changed significantly by the end.

    One Star

    Reviewed 6/25/04

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