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    Review of HOT PROPERTY by Karen Leabo (see her website)

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    On her thirtieth birthday, professional shopper Wendy Thayer thinks her life is finally coming together. Sure her boyfriend dumped her, but she's not sure what she saw in him in the first place. Her business, helping others add class to their life by being a combination shopper, fashion coordinator, interior designer, party organizer, and pet-walker is growing rapidly and she even gets to feel good about some of the people she's helping. But when the police accuse her of transporting stolen goods, accepting and laundering illegal money, and being involved in a huge art theft, her business and her personal life are both threatened. Who, after all, would hire a known thief as their trusted shopper?

    At first, Dallas Police Detective Michael Taggert simply wants to arrest the woman, put her in jail, and throw away the keys. Sure his body responds to her in all the right ways, but she's a shopper--and he's still recovering from his ex-wife's way with a credit card. As he gets to know her, though, Taggert realizes that Wendy wants to find the real thief as much as he does. His grudging respect switches up into high protective gear, though, when Wendy is attacked. And the gap between respect and love isn't too huge to cross when the intensity is turned up. Of course, falling in love with a chief suspect is definitely on the police department no-no list. favorite author Karen Leabo (see more reviews of other romances by Leabo. Also see reviews of our exclusive mystery by Karen Leabo) combines romance and suspense in an exciting adventure story. Taggert and Wendy gradually realize that they face a threat larger than some simple criminal, and that their love and their lives are at stake. Leabo turns up the emotional stakes, giving each of the characters a past that makes it almost impossible to fully trust the other--while making their survival depend on that very trust.

    HOT PROPERTY is a sexy and exciting read. I recommend it highly.