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    Review of THE LAST CRAWFORD BACHELOR by Judy Christenberry (see her website)


    Silhouette Romance #1715, April 2004

    When a beautiful stranger shows up at the Circle K Ranch claiming to be childless Beula's granddaughter, Michael Crawford thinks he has every right to be suspicious. Even if she would have no legal right to any of the inheritance Beula left, the women of Circle K are so soft-hearted they'd let her take advantage of them in every way possible. A smart con-artist would know that and there's no doubt that Dani Langston is smart. Still, she has some of the moves but every time someone starts to be nice to her, she runs away. Michael wants to know what that's about too, especially when he starts wanting to be nice to her too.

    Dani Langston takes care of herself. She's never had a family that was anything but trouble and danger and doesn't think she could handle one. When she finds out that hunky Michael is a co-worker at the District Attorney's office where she's been hired as a new assistant D.A., she knows that she won't be able to maintain the friendship she felt for her grandmother Beula's adopted children. She needs her independence too much and Michael wants to be helpful too much. Although she doesn't mind his help when he offers to keep the harassing D.A. away from her. Still, Dani knows better than to hope for happily-ever-after. Besides, she's a career woman and one thing both she and Michael agree on is that work and personal lives need to be kept separate. Still, when her adoptive aunt's housekeeper falls ill, how can she walk away from the only people who were ever nice to her--even if it means spending time next to danger--next to Michael.

    Author Judy Christenberry (see more reviews of romance by Christenberry) spins a tale of family, trust, and friendship that grows into love. Dani's tragic background adds emotional impact to her search for a real family--and to her disappointment when she meets with mistrust. Christenberry deals realistically with the issues of harassment in the workplace while keeing the focus very much on the growing romance between Michael and Dani. THE LAST CRAWFOR BACHELOR is a good one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/27/04

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