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    Review of LOVE IS ALL AROUND by Lori Devoti (see her website)

    Zebra, May 2005

    Patsy Lee Clark wants one thing out of life--to get out of Daisy Creek, to put the mistakes she's made in her past, and to get on with a career. Too-sexy bad-boys are not part of the plan. Even if they were, Will Barnes wouldn't be. For one thing, he's actually moving into Daisy Creek. For another, the evil Jennifer has already staked him out as her own turf--and Patsy has already played that game.

    After selling his Internet consulting business, Will decided on a change. He's returned to a town he lived in briefly as a teen, and that still holds positive memories for him. He plans to connect with his roots, work with his hands, spend time with nature, and figure out what he wants to do with his life. One thing for sure, he's happy he's put ex-fiancee Cindy into his past.

    Author Lori Devoti brings the Ozark region of Missouri to life--with its small-town charm and prejudices, the kindness of its people and the hopeless wreck of its economy. Patsy's ambivalence about her hometown and her future rings true throughout the story. Throw in a caring but buttinski family and some close friends and you've got a charming romance.

    LOVE IS ALL AROUND is Devoti's first novel and a few rough edges still show, but bear with her--this is a heart-warmer. (See more reviews of novels by Lori Devoti).

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/16/04

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