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    Review of FOR LOVE OF MAGGIE by Fran Shaff (see her website)

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    Kayla Franklin moves to rural Wisconsin to build a new home for her special needs child--a home where Maggie could interact with animals, have a kitchen of her own, create a life full of stimulation and interests while still being protected. To succeed, she needs a carpenter but when hunky carpenter Roth Simons takes one look at her daughter and freaks, she forces herself to dismiss the instant attraction that flowed between them. Roth can't be right for her if he isn't right for Maggie. Still, Maggie does need a father and handsome farmer Vint Fillmore seems to want to fill the role. Roth's instant jealousy over the farmer seems like sour grapes to Kayla.

    Roth knew he made a horrible mistake when he reacted to his surprise at seeing Maggie for the first time, but nothing he does seems to make Kayla forgive him. Not even the kisses they share, kisses they are helpless to resist, can overcome the barrier Kayla has built in her heart. Roth knows that Vint is up to no good, that he means to have Kayla's farm no matter what he has to do to win it, but everything he says seems to push Kayla away from him and toward his rival. Roth has been hurt before, stung by a woman who didn't share his values. Is he simply setting up his heart to be broken again?

    Author Fran Shaff uses a highly approachable writing style to tell a story of love overcoming obstacles. Maggie's special needs and abilities add an emotional wallop to an emotional tale.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 10/21/04

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