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    Review of LOVING MERCY by Teresa Bodwell (see her website)

    Zebra Historical, January 2005

    Mercy Clarke manages to sell her longhorn/hereford cattle for a top price, but she still needs to get home with the money. And the two ranchhands she hired for the cattle drive aren't interested in keeping her company. Hunky ex-confederate soldier Thad Buchanan is willing to pay for a guide into Colorado where his sister is waiting--and has identified a suitable widow for his future family plans--but does Mercy dare trust a man she knows to be a gambler, or worse? When the bullets start flying, will Thad run--or might he even chose to support the other side? A woman who runs her own ranch can't be too careful. And well over a thousand dollars in cash is a powerful temptation for every thief in the western United States.

    Thad Buchanon has lost his family farm to a Yankee banker and is heading west to start a new life. He dreams of a wife and children--but can't fight the temptation that Mercy presents--even if she is a woman who can never have the children he wants, isn't willing to play the passive role of a proper wife, and insists on being the boss of everyone around her. Still, the long days, and longer nights, on the trail allow him plenty of time to get to know this beautiful widow, and to learn to appreciate everything about her.

    Author Teresa Bodwell tells a charming story of growing love amongst the plains of Kansas and the mountains of Colorado. Set in post-Civil War America, LOVING MERCY combines romance and adventure to deliver an intriguing historical romance. With bullets flying, badguys striving to outwit plucky Mercy and wounded Thad, and with desire simmering ever more deeply between these characters, the story is sure to please.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/07/04

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