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    Review of A MAN IN A KILT by Sandy Blair

    Zebra Historical Romance, September 2004

    When Elizabeth (Beth) Pudding inherits a Scottish castle, she decides to make the most of it, cleaning the ancient stone monument, buying beds and sheets, and trying to bring the electrical system up to code so she can turn it into a bed and breakfast. As an orphan and a food manager, she's learned to take care of herself and make the best of a bad situation. Even the castle ghost is more of a challenge than a real suprise or difficulty for Beth.

    Duncan MacDougall has been dead for hundreds of years, but he's still hanging around his castle, Blackstone, waiting for the prophesy to be fulfilled and the curse to be ended at last. He finds Beth simply fascinating, but he's been fooled by women before. Only when her life is in danger does he finally decide to take the ultimate step--sending her into the past--his past--to the time when he was alive, Scotland was an independent country, and indoor plumbing a distant dream. Beth's challenge isn't just her own survival because the entire clan is in trouble and if she can't use her 21st century common sense, it's going to be a long wait to catch up with the present.

    Author Sandy Blair combines a touch of humor with interesting historical detail in an enjoyable ghost/time-travel/historical. Whether as a ghost or a living man, Duncan makes a powerful and sexy hero, and spunky Beth's common sense and enterprising nature makes her an ideal mate. Still, there is the little matter of six hundred years separating them, and a world without plumbing, central heating, or modern childbirth. Fans of the Scottish historical are certain to enjoy this Romance Writers of America Golden Heart winner by first-time author Blair.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/12/04

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