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    Review of ON THE COUCH by Alisa Kwitney (see her website)

    Avon Trade, June 2004

    Detective Joe Kain believes he's talking to a possibly murderous call girl when he calls Marlow Riddle. Psychologist Marlow realizes right away she's a wrong number--but the mistaken identity is perfect for the research she needs to spice up her dissertation on how people reveal more of their true selves when they are in disguise. But both she and Joe get more turned on by just talking than either had bargained for.

    It's a recipe for sexy hilarity as two romantically insecure people get in over their heads in a game that becomes risky when it gets all tangled in a real call girl's suicide and an FBI investigation headed up by Joe's nemesis.

    With alternating chapters told in Marlowe's and Joe's points of view, this book is a fun romp that highlights--often with painful clarity--some of our most common foibles as human beings on our continual quest to make intimate connections.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 6/05/04

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