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    Review of ONE YEAR PAST PERFECT by Kay Layton Sisk (see her website)

    Encore L'Amour, April 2004

    Katti Thompson expects a slow, sad, but restful week in Hawaii. Her great-aunt recently died and Katti will meet with the lawyers, handle probate, check on her aunt's home, pick up the famous diary of the old woman's notorious life. After that, she'll return to her medical practice in Dallas, Texas. After a bad marriage, Katti definitely isn't interested in men--not even famous singers like Cesar Osorio who happens to be the headliner at her hotel. Still, she doesn't turn down the ticket to the show that her aunt's lawyers had provided--and doesn't say no when Cesar asks her to dance. After all, she'll never see him again.

    Except, her aunt has done something no one expected. Her financial situation had deteriorated and she'd rented out her house. Cesar, his brother-in-law, and his nephew renting the house for exactly the week that Katti has to stay in Hawaii. Katti pulls up just as the latest housekeeper is being dismissed and decides on the perfect solution. She'll announce herself as the new housekeeper. That way, she'll be able to spend time in the house, take care of the jewels and the famous diary, and no one will be the wiser. Of course, Katti doesn't fully examine what living with three super-handsome men will be like. The brother-in-law may be too old, and the nephew too young, but Cesar himself is just right.

    Since the death of his wife three years previously, Cesar Osorio has avoided any romantic entanglements. But something about the woman at the show got to him. And something about the new housekeeper gets to him too. He senses a mystery about her, and gradually comes to understand that his time for mourning is over. But is Katti a fling, or will she be something more?

    Author Kay Layton Sisk (see more reviews of novels by Sisk) tells a charming story of mistaken identity and of the search for love and meaning with a parallel story in the diary. Her secondary characters, especially brother-in-law Vincent, and nephew Armando, help round out the story and give it direction--as does Katti's aunt, now dead but represented by the diary. The sexual tension sizzles between hunky Cesar and Katti, enhanced by Katti's secrets. But, will the relationship survive the moment when all of the secrets are revealed?

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/16/04

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