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    Review of PINK SLIP PARTY by Cara Lockwood (see her website)

    Downtown Press, March 2004

    When Jane McGregor's boss/boyfriend decides to dump her, he takes the easy way--including her in a corporate downsizing. Now, Jane has to deal with crushing credit card debt, no income, a bad economy, rough times in her parents' relationship, a French landlord with a gambling problem, and a brother who always wants to give advice. Sexy friend Kyle is some help, but Jane knows better than to trust Kyle. Instead, she takes in a kleptomaniac roommate, begins plotting to raid her former company, and sends out zany job applications listing non-existant skills and requesting improbable career paths.

    It sounds hysterical and it ends up being slightly amusing. Jane is the prototypical chick-lit heroine, caught up in herself, her need for shoes and stuff, whining about the lack of jobs for people with art degrees, and unable to deal with the rapidly increasing army who move into her apartment with her--all unable to help with the rent.

    Author Cara Lockwood has an approachable style that makes PINK SLIP PARTY hard to put down. I would have liked the story more, however, if Lockwood had put together more of the pieces. The raid on Jane's former company was the central element of the story but I never felt like Jane was involved in it--making the protagonist a bit of a sideline player. Jane also seemed a bit contemptuous of everyone around her--something that reduces the reader's sympathy. I also would have liked the resolution to center more around character growth than it did. Still, Lockwood's strong writing makes this book worth the read.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 4/19/04

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