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    Review of PRINCE OF FROGS by Barbara Plum (see her website)

    Zebra Books, October 2004

    After a year as a single father, millionaire Ben Macdonald has sunk his energies into building his dot-com business, hiring a nanny to watch over his daughter, Molly. But Molly's frequent stomach aches distract him from his work and now are making him find a new doctor--someone who can help Molly or definitively state that the problems are completely psychological. Ben doesn't have time to date--it still seems like a betrayal of the late Amy--but when he meets tall curvey Risa Taylor, he's more tempted than he's been in his life.

    Although Ben Macdonald is the rudest man pediatrician Risa has met in years, she can't deny the attraction. When he shows up at a school play that her godson is in, Risa's best friend notices the attraction and decides to play matchmaker. The fact that Kelsy has a son exactly Molly's age makes the scheme easy--at least as far as throwing the two together is concerned. But Risa has plans for her life--plans to adopt triplet boys as soon as they are born and that's more responsibility than she's willing to trust any man to.

    What follows is an often zany story of two people who share an incredible sexual attraction and love for children, yet have a hard time getting their thoughts and words straight. Ben's unwillingness to discuss Amy or his rearing of Molly, coupled with Risa's certainty that her ample figure will frighten away any man and history of unfaithful males, keeps the two from following through on the sexual attraction--despite Kelsy's pushing. Fortunately Molly is crazy about Risa from the start and Risa's abundant love encompasses Molly quickly.

    Author Barbara Plum hits more often than she misses with her humor and tells an engaging story about a man who just needs a few tweeks to turn from the most horrible frog into a prince. The good news is, Risa has always had a thing for frogs. The bad news is, Ben is going to have to admit that maybe he's not so perfect after all. PRINCE OF FROGS is a welcome novel from a promising new author.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 9/26/04

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