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    Review of PRIVATE SCANDALS by Joanna Wayne, Judy Christenberry and Tori Carrington


    Harlequin, January 2004

    Jessica Lewis wakes up in her hotel room with a monster headache and a dead man in her room. She quickly becomes the chief suspect and the only person who seems to believe her at all is sexy Conner Hayden--the dead senator's brother. Conner says he's afraid the police will settle on her and leave the real killer undiscovered, but Jessica soon learns that Conner has other designs--designs on her. But Jessica has secrets of her own--secrets that make her certain that she's not the right woman for Conner. Of course, staying alive is the first challenge and someone seems intent on finishing what they started in Jessica's hotel. In SHADOWS OF THE PAST, author Joanna Wayne (see more reviews of novels by Wayne) gives the familiar dead-body-no-memory hook new meaning with this tight story.

    Private Detective Wilson Greenfield doesn't like rich women. When attractive 40-something Vivian Shaw walks into his office, he wants to turn her down flat. But Detectives need to pay the bills and he takes her case--finding the birth family of Vivian's adoptive daughter, Vanessa. It would have been all right if Vivian and Vanessa had let him do his job and read his reports, but they insist on his presenting his findings in person. And, when he tracks down one of Vanessa's long-lost sisters, Vivian decides to go along on the trip to meet her.

    Vivian spent more than twenty years following a man's rules. Now that her husband is dead, she intends to stretch her wings. At first, Will Greenfield seems controlling and dominating--but she soon learns that there is a warm heart beneath the sexy but gruff exterior--and she decides she wants more. In FAMILY UNVEILED, author Judy Christenberry (see more reviews of novels by Christenberry) tells a heart-warming story of families lost and found, and of two people who struggle to put their pasts behind them to create a new future together.

    Rachel Dubois has no business seeing Gabriel Wellington--he has a pending zone change request before the city council where she serves. But the second he asks her for a dance, Rachel knows that nothing will be the same. She responds to his touch as she never has before--and his touch is practiced and perfect. Desire makes common sense take the back seat and sweeps her into a relationship with a man she hardly knows--and really shouldn't know better. Gabriel has recreated his family wealth and now he's at a key juncture in his life. But Rachel makes all of his dreams seem petty. He wants more. But can the two of them ever have anything beyond a passionate affair? Because the political conflict of interest is far from the biggest secret that Gabriel is holding back. In SLEEPING WITH SECRETS, author Tori Carrington heats up the pages with a sexy story of desire, love, and forbidden passion.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/03/04

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