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    Review of PROMISE HIM ANYTHING by Carla Cassidy (see her website)

    NAL/Onyx, July 2004

    Juliette Monroe learns that her abusive ex-husband, David, has found her in the most terrifying way possible, when she hears he has taken an entire daycare center hostage, including her little boy. Working with a local detective in Riverton, Kansas, Nick Corelli, she talks her violent ex into surrendering--only to have him escape and vow a terrible vengeance.

    Juliette longs to flee again. But Nick convinces her that unless she wants to run the rest of her life, she needs to stick around Riverton until David is captured and testify against him. Nick vows to protect her. But can he, really? Once before, he failed to protect someone he loved. And David is proving to be anincredibly evil, vicious, and clever adversary.

    Author Carla Cassidy (see more reviews of novels by Cassidy) has taken the romantic suspense she does so well at Silhouette Intimate Moments and cranked it up several notches. This is grittier, scarier, bigger in scope than her previous work, and a great page turner that will have you checking and re-checking your locks.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/05/04

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