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    Review of SKYSCRAPER by Zane (see her website)

    Atria Books, December 2003

    Everyone at Wolfe Industries is excited about the annual Christmas party but nobody really knows just how exciting a party it's going to be. Mailroom clerk Chico always flirts with the pretty women who work for Wolfe, but he's surprised when the bosses wife comes on to him--and even more surprised when she shows up to pick him up in her shiny limo. Part-time hooker, Anastasia has decided she's going to be Wolfe's new wife--all she needs is a chance to show him her sexual abilities and she's sure he'll toss out his unfaithful wife and bring her in. Diana knows her boss is looking to get her, and decides to make sure she gets him first. But she's also got to make up her mind what to do with sexy Edmund, the parking lot attendant. Because Diana wants to set a good example for her sons--and getting her sex on with a hunk isn't the kind of example they need. And Tomalis Wolfe, billionaire-head of Wolfe Industries has decided that it's time to toss out his wife and start over.

    Author Zane (see more reviews of novels by Zane) writes convincingly of the African-American experience. The language rings true and the stories of women struggling to raise their children after being abandoned by the children's fathers are all too familiar. Zane follows the four primary characters for the few days leading up to the annual Christmas party--letting the reader know more than any of the characters do to build the suspense.

    Fans of Zane's trademark hot-sex will enjoy the action even though Zane does make sure we see the emotional consequences of indiscriminate sex. I, however, found it hard to really sympathize with any of the characters. Although Tomalis's wife is cheating on him, his plan to get revenge seems petty and cruel. Chico is paying child support (a good thing), but he doesn't seem to care much about people. While he gets angry that Wolfe's wife is cheating on him, Chico has his own eyes set on the pretty clerk from the mall.

    If you're not familiar with Zane, I recommend starting with Nervous (see our review). If you're already a fan, you'll want to add SKYSCRAPER to your reading list.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 3/21/04

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