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    Review of SMOOTH TALKIN' STRANGER by Lorraine Heath (see her website)

    Pocket Star, April 2004

    Serena Hamilton was a mother, a widow, an entrepreneur. She wasn't a woman who slept with strangers and she certainly didn't think of herself as a sexy babe. But she'd been lonely when she'd walked into that Austin bar and found Hunter Fletcher. She hadn't slept with a man since her husband's death, but she slept with Hunter--and wanted more. Not that it was logical. Hunter wasn't looking for a relationship. In fact, the last thing in the world Hunter wanted was a relationship. He was a CIA covert operative who couldn't share anything about himself. He'd never slept with the same woman twice, let alone had a relationship. But a part of him hoped that Serena would walk back into his life.

    A brief fling turns into much more when their lovemaking has unexpected consequences, but Serena doesn't know that Hunter has been clinging to a secret--a secret that could destroy their relationship. And this secret isn't just about national security, it's about her late husband's death. A relationship built on top of lies has plenty of challenges in front of it, but if there is one man who can work his way through challenges, it's Hunter. Only he's going to need a lot more than the old smooth talkin' line for this. He's got to learn to trust his own heart.

    Author Lorraine Heath (see more reviews of novels by Heath) has created two wonderful characters in Hunter and Serena. Serena has built her life around family and then falls for a man who knows that family is one thing he can never have. She's loved only one man--and Hunter knows he is the reason for that man's death. The conflict propells the story forward and involves the reader emotionally. But the emotional conflict is only half the story. SMOOTH TALKIN' STRANGER is a red-hot read. From its first sizzling scene, Serena and Hunter discover in one another a sexual magnetism that only grows as physical attraction deepens into an emotional bond. Blazing sex and a powerful conflict definitely pull the reader in and make us hope for the one thing that seems most unlikely--that Hunter and Serena will eventually find their way to true love.

    Lorraine Heath is a major star in historical romance and has already begun to make her mark in contemporary fiction. Highly Recommended.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/03/04

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