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    Review of SOMEBODY WONDERFUL by Kate Rothwell (see her website)

    Zebra Historical Romance, July 2004

    Irish cop Mick McCann believes he is satisfied with his simple life in New York until he saves a street urchin from a beating and discovers he has on his hands a beautiful, aristocratic young woman in disguise. After nursing lovely Timona Calverson's injuries, he tries to send her back where she belongs. But adventurous Timona, the daughter of a rich but distracted man who spends his life digging up dinosaur bones, likes it just fine in Mick's meager room and decides she has found the man she wants to marry.

    Others are not so keen on Timona's plans, her powerful brother and her father's handsome, conniving secretary among them. Many try to separate the lovers. But their growing love proves more powerful than money, corruption, societal conventions or sheer brawn.

    This book was one of the freshest historical romances I have read in a long time. The hero was a common man with neither power nor money nor the arrogance one usually finds in a romance hero, but how could any reader fail to fall in love with someone so kind and selfless? He is strong when he needs to be, and a perfect foil for the impetuous, always-optimistic Timona, who is also very lovable for her lack of pretense and her blind spot when it comes to the virtual caste system that was Victorian America. This is a couple you can't help but root for right up to the exciting conclusion.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/26/04

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