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    Review of THE SWEETEST TABOO by Carole Matthews (see her website)

    Avon Trade, June 2004

    Sadie Nelson has hit the bottom of the barrel, handing out brochures at a trade show, when handsome producer Gil McGann walks into her life. Gil is just about perfect--he lives in California, is a rich and famous movie producer, likes spending money on her, is attractive, has a romantic heart, and is attracted to her in a big way. The only problem is, Gil has a wife. Admittedly she moved out a couple of years earlier and is living with another man, but Gina is always running back to Gil for something--and manages to get in the way every time Gil and Sadie look like they're about to have a chance to shift their romance into high gear. And then there's hunky model/actor/waiter Tavis Jones. Tavis is sweet, sensitive, cares about Sadie, appreciates her taste in cars--and has sworn off women (big time). Poor Sadie is torn--two super-handsome studs, but both with terrible flaws.

    As Sadie bounces around Hollywood, she discovers that everyone is an actor, many people really do prefer the surgically enhanced to the real, and that true love is something more than just attraction. Of course, being a little bit in love with two guys--even if one is married and the other gay--really is taboo.

    Author Carole Matthews uses a breazy first person narrative for Sadie, letting the reader share in her confusion as she tries to deal with the differences between England and California--and to reconcile her fairy tale dreams with the reality that confronts her. Its a fun story that gives the cinderella myth a nice twist.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 5/19/04

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