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    Review of TALL, DARK & HUNGRY by Lynsay Sands

    Love Spell, July 2004

    Beautiful college professor Terri Simpson comes to New York for two weeks to help her best friend (and cousin) get ready for her wedding. She's expecting late nights giggling, last minute shopping, and maybe a bit of mild flirtation with the sexy groomsmen. But her cousin has other ideas--not wanting to be separated from her fiance, she puts Terri up with the groom's brother--Bastien. And Terri can't help notice the chemistry that flows between the sexy male and herself. But Bastien seems to have an alergy to sunlight and a strange proclivity to keep bags of blood around the house. It would be one thing if it was his cousin, Vincent, who is playing a vampire in a campy off-Broadway production, but Bastien? Worse, Terri has already lost one husband to a terrible disease and she's promised herself that she will never put herself in that position again.

    After a few hundred years, Bastien thought he had seen everything. He'd had the one great love of his life--a human woman who rejected him when she learned he was a vampire. Now, he concentrates on his business--and he's very good at it. Of course, boredom has set in and he doesn't even bother eating any more as food has lost its appeal, but that's a small price to pay for eternal life. Terri walks into his life and suddenly he's noticing food, noticing sexual desire, wanting to do anything but go to work. He's learned one lesson, though. Human girls turn away quickly when they learn his secret.

    When the bride is called out of town and the wedding plans turn to disaster, Bastien and Terri need to work together to solve each crisis, quickly transforming simple desire into something that feels like love. Still, each of them has been burned in the past--and see themselves about to make the same mistake. Can the two overcome their fears to find love?

    Author Lynsay Sands makes vampires sexy but safe in this paranormal romantic comedy. Romance readers in the know will get a kick of the way Sands works her editor (Chris K) and Romantic Times publisher Katherine Falk into her story. I would have liked to see more of twists--a payoff to the disasters in the wedding plans and a real kick in the romantic resolution, but TALL, DARK & HUNGRY will certainly appeal to vampire fans who like their males well tamed.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 10/03/04

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