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    Review of WHEN HE WAS BAD by Jane Sullivan

    Harlequin Temptation #1002, December 2004

    Psychologist Sara Davenport has built her career helping women escape from the 'bad-boy trap.' She saw, first-hand, the costs of falling for that hint of danger, that adrenaline rush, and that promise that would never be fulfilled--and swore she'd never even be tempted. When her publicist gets her a spot on shock-jock Nick Chandler's radio show (slotted between his discussions of sports and strippers), she resists--until her publicist reminds her that part of the audience is her exact target, women who have fallen for the bad-boy mystique. Because Nick Chandler is the ultimate bad-boy.

    When the sexy Ph.D. walks into his show--and lets him know exactly what she thinks about him--Nick can't help being intrigued. But she blows him off when he suggests dinner. When she calls later about a business proposition, Nick has another proposition on his mind. Sara had intended to use Nick for research, but she can't deny that Nick represents real temptation to her. If she falls for it, though, it will mean being completely discredited in her profession--and sending exactly the wrong signal to all those women who look to her to find the strength to escape from their intolerable relationships.

    Nick has more on the ball than Sara had given him credit for, and the attraction soon escalates well beyond the bad-boy myth. But that won't help Sara if anyone finds out. She's playing with fire and she can't stop even though she knows she'll be the one left with the burns.

    Author Jane Sullivan (see more reviews of novels by Sullivan) (who also writes as Jane Graves) writes a warm and sexy story. With her broken upbringing, Sara is a powerfully sympathetic heroine. Nick combines the attraction of the bad-boy with a great physical build and super-intelligence. The sparks that fly between the two of them can't be denied--even though both of them know better.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/25/04

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