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    Review of ACROSS THE RAINBOW by Victoria Chancellor (see her website), October 2005

    Across the Rainbow by Victoria Chancellor cover When his daughter tells him to fly over a rainbow and bring back a princess, pilot David Terrell initially resists. But a five-year-old can be persuasive and she's sure this is the right rainbow, the magic rainbow that can bring her a mother to replace the one she lost. And David is a sucker for making his daughter happy. Of course, he doesn't believe in magic and wishes. For him, it's physics, not psychics. When he actually flies over the rainbow and the world changes--including loss of the entire city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he comes up with the only possible explanation--he's blacked out. And the beautiful woman who says she's living in 1886 is a part of his blacked-out fantasy.

    Analisa Ludke has battled to survive in tough Wyoming Territory, especially after the death of her parents and older brother. It doesn't help that she keeps her animals as pets rather than eating them. Still, it's her own life--and the strange man who flies into it, like a great bird, threatens everything. She enjoys his company, feels an incredible attraction, but she knows that she belongs in her own time. Besides, David's protectiveness is stifling enough in her own world--how could she survive it if she flew into his own?

    Author Victoria Chancellor (see more reviews of novels by Chancellor) creates a really charming character in Analisa. Her love for animals, care for others, and confidence in her own abilities makes her a perfect match for David--and a real-life fairy princess for his daughter. But perfect for David doesn't mean perfect for Analisa--and she realizes that when the next rainbow comes, she'll have to send him back alone--despite the love she has come to feel for him.

    ACROSS THE RAINBOW is a charming and emotionally complex time travel romance. Chancellor fans will definitely want to get that one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/26/05

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