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    Review of THE CEO'S S.O.S by Robyn Anders, December 2005

    The CEO'S S.O.S. cover Billionaire businessman Tyler Atwood knows how to solve problems--when his father left his family with nothing but debts, Tyler had to develop his business and problem-solving skills. Now he's parlayed those skills into a successful steel business, but Harvey, a golden retriever mix, is beyond his capabilities. The dog is destructive and has gone through five different trainers. Desperate, when Tyler hears about pet psychologist, Courtney Zane, he resolves to do whatever it takes to persuade her to take Harvey's case. Even if that means buying the office building where she works (and lives) and kicking her out so she'll have no place to go but his place, with Harvey. What Tyler doesn't count on is that solving Harvey's problems only creates new problems--problems with his heart.

    Courtney is proud of her increasing independence, and of the good she does for people and their animal companions. It doesn't take her long to recognize that Harvey is crying out for the attention he misses--attention that Tyler's late sister had showered on her dog, but that Tyler is unable to share. Solving Harvey's problem means challenging Tyler, though, and that raises all sorts of issues for Courtney.

    Forced to spend time together, the two explore the attraction that sizzles between them. But what will Courtney do when she finally learns that Tyler was the one responsible for kicking her out of her office? A fear of betrayal goes to the very heart of Courtney's existance.

    Author Robyn Anders (see more reviews of novels by Anders) delivers a funny and emotional story of love, animal companions, and men who think that all problems can be solved by money. Warning--the CEO's S.O.S. is a steamy romance. Not for children.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/11/05

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