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    Review of JEMMA'S HEART by Kay Layton Sisk (see her website)

    Wings ePress, June 2005

    Since his brother 'reformed,' rock star Edward Charles (Eddie 'C') Samuels has alternated between seeking a bit of the same home and family that makes his brother ('T') happy, and indulging his wild side. When his new sister-in-law gets tired of him and kicks him out of her home, Charles heads down to the real estate office to look into a place of his own. What he finds is Jemma Lovelace.

    What his brother found from drugs, Charles found from women. With his looks, money, talent, and fame, women throw themselves at him. But Jemma is different. Instead, she seems intent on getting him out of her life. Charles is intrigued, and his brother and sister-in-law suspect that he's only interested because of the challenge. But for Charles, Jemma is more than a woman playing hard-to-get. What it is, though, he isn't sure.

    Jemma holds her own secrets close to her heart. She hasn't dated much because she found it hard to recover from the rape and pregnancy that took place years before. Although Charles is sexy and fun, a brief affair would only reawaken all of the dreams that she's finally allowed herself to forget and put behind her. Still, Charles keeps coming back and won't take no for an answer.

    Author Kay Layton Sisk (see more reviews of novels by Sisk) continues the series she began with LYLA'S SONG (see our review) with another emotional and rule-breaking romance. 'Eddie C' makes a great 'bad-boy' hero--motivated by a damaged past and his obsession with music.

    The path of romance certainly doesn't run straight, and Sisk takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotional twists and turns. But Sisk's strong writing and the powerful characters of Charles and Jemma keep us holding on for more.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/27/05

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