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    Review of LIE BY MOONLIGHT by Amanda Quick (see her website)

    G. P. Putnam's Sons, June 2005

    Completely modern Concordia Glade hopes some-day to establish a school for girls. But when she learns that the four girls in her charge are in danger--and might be subjects of a white slavery ring--she moves into action attempting an escape. Fortunately, professional investigator and seriously mysterious sometime thief Ambrose Wells is in the midst of his own investigation into the peculiar boarding school where Concordia taught. He helps Concordia and the girls escape, but finds himself falling for the strong-willed teacher.

    Concordia insists on becoming Ambrose's partner and employer as they search for the truth behind the mysterious boarding school and the criminal masterminds who have invested so much in these four students. But the criminals are intent on having the girls back--and don't draw the line at murder. Ambrose's mystical training and skills will be called to the ultimate test, both to confront the criminal masterminds who rule much of Victorian London, and to withstand the emotions he endures as Concordia repeatedly ignores his instructions and insists on thrusting herself into danger.

    Author Amanda Quick (see more reviews of novels by Quick) combines a darkly mysterious hero with a quirky and amusing heroine in a charming romance. Fortunately, both Concordia and Ambrose soon recognize the attraction they feel, but true love is never easy--especially when it involves a 'modern' woman who is unconcerned about her reputation and who is convinced that Ambrose only wishes to marry her to spare her from being 'ruined.'

    Quick makes the Victorian setting of her novel, with its continued emphasis on 'society' and its gradual transition to a more liberated worldview, come alive. Her writing is charming and witty. It's hard not to enjoy reading LIE BY MOONLIGHT.

    LIE is not exactly profound and the characters left me both chuckling and frustrated at some of the silly things they did, but Quick once again delivers an enjoyable diversion.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/24/05

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