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    Review of LYLA'S SONG by Kay Layton Sisk (see her website)

    Wings ePress, April 2005

    Eddie T. Samuels ('T' to members of his Rock band and his millions of fans) has come down hard. A decade of drinking and drugs finally catch up with him when he's accused of on-stage rape. He heads for rehab, then for a place in the woods where he can recouperate--guarded by the band's manager. He's sworn off drugs and alcohol, but women, betting, and music are still within bounds and a bet with his manager to date and bed his beautiful landlady seems like the dream distraction to wile away the weeks before he can rejoin the band. The last thing he expects is to fall for her. Eddie T. (Sam to the Texas locals) doesn't fall for women. But somehow, Lyla Lee makes him want to break the rules.

    Since her husband's death, Lyla has retreated from the music she loved. Her life is full with her son, the convenience store she manages, and her friends--including persistant suitor, Tib. But 'Sam' exudes a chemistry that can't be denied. When he wins a bet with Lyla by getting into a sold-out museum show (those rock millions can come in handy), he insists on taking her out on a date--and desire transitions into love. It's an impossible relationship. He's a notorious rock star and she's a widow with a child. But all of a sudden, 'T' can't imagine a life without her.

    Author Kay Layton Sisk (see more reviews of novels by Sisk) creates a charming community. The evolving relationship impacts, and is impacted by everyone in the town. The musical obsession shared by Lyla and T serves double-purpose in explaining a part of their instant bond, and in creating the basis for multiple sensuous moments.

    LYLA'S SONG is a fascinating story, filled with entertaining characters. I sat down in the morning to read for an hour and didn't look up until late afternoon (when I finished it). Well done, Kay Sisk. I'm happy to recommend this book.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/27/05

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