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    Review of MISTAKEN KISS by Kathleen Baldwin (see her website)

    Zebra Regency Romance, January 2005

    Troubled by the expense and bother of providing a 'season' for his sister Willa Linnet, Jerome thinks an engagement to his best friend, Daniel Braeburn is the perfect solution. Willa is definitely not so sure--she's known Daniel for years, but he's never stirred her blood. Still, she resolves to give him a chance--if his kisses stir her passion, she'll agree to the marriage. Unfortunately, Willa is nearsighted--and mistakes Alexander Braeburn, a notorious scapegrace and gambler, for his brother. Worse, once she's kissed Alexander, she knows Daniel's kisses will never compare.

    When Willa's aunt Honore swoops in with the proposal that Willa become her mentor, this seems like the perfect escape for Willa--and for her brother. But Honore has her own ideas--and these ideas are definitely not in keeping with the restrictive rules of polite society. When rumors spread that Willa will become Honore's heir, impoverished gentlemen start to pay attention--and Alex starts finding reasons to spend time with Willa--although he assures himself he is certainly not looking to take a wife.

    Author Kathleen Baldwin (see more reviews of novels by Baldwin) combines humor and romance in a savory concoction. The outrageous Aunt Honore is a terrific character--and certain to return with more matchmaking and troublemaking. Willa, with her practical nature and training in philosophy, makes for an engaging and memorable character.

    Fans of the Regency Romance won't go wrong with MISTAKEN KISS.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/17/05

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