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    Review of SARA'S SOUL by Kay Layton Sisk (see her website)

    Wings ePress, June 2005

    SC Ward has been down on her luck, made some bad decisions, and is barely one step from being homeless. When Levi Fletcher offers her a job as head web designer for the top band, Bone Cold-Alive, she thinks she's been given a second chance. But Fletcher's job comes with strings attached--starting with having to take responsibility for webcasting band-member Eddie C's wedding, and going downhill from there. When SC arrives in Jinks, Texas, she is arrested for breaking into Fletcher's home, greeted by surly subordinates who think she's merely the next in a line of short-lived web wizards, and dropped into the gossip and matchmaking world completely unprepared.

    Game Warden Tip Wilson has had some tough times. He'd thought he'd marry Lyla, after the death of her husband and his best friend. Instead, he was left watching while one of Jinks's beautiful single women after another got swept up by the handsome rock stars who had descended on their city. He can't argue he isn't attracted to SC, but talk about asking for trouble with a woman who's only coming through Jinks for a few days and who looks at him as a country bumpkin.

    Meanwhile, Jenna is having last-minute wedding jitters, and Fletcher and the entire older generation of Jinks citizens are busy interfering in everyone's life.

    Author Kay Lawton Sisk (see more reviews of novels by Sisk) continues her 'rock star' series with an emotionally moving story about a woman so damaged by life that she believes she's lost her soul--and a man who seems destined to be a wounded perennial bachelor. SC's sassy approach to the world charms, as do Fletcher and the matchmakers of Jinks. Fans of the earlier novels in this series will enjoy seeing Eddie T and Eddie C as they adjust to their dual lives as both rock stars and men in committed relationships.

    If you have a choice, I'd definitely recommend reading these books in chronological order. They're all winners.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/14/05

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