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    SINS OF A TANNER by Peggy Moreland (see her website)

    Silhouette Desire #1616, November 2004

    Whit Tanner, youngest of the Tanner boys, has always felt like something of an outsider since he was adopted. Without the trademark Tanner looks and charm, he's the only unmarried brother--and he imagines it'll stay that way. He's found some measure of success as a horse trainer, and he's carved a life for himself. Then she comes back into his life--Melissa Jacobs the woman who betrayed him by marrying his best friend the moment his back was turned. Recently widowed and with a little boy to raise, Melissa turned to Whit as a last resort. She needs someone to train her late husband's stud so he can be sold for top dollar.

    Whit at first refuses to even talk to Melissa. But when he finds out Matt left her in dire financial straits, he caves in. He can train War Lord without seeing much of Melissa herself, he reasons. But little Grady, Melissa's son, worms his way into Whit's heart, as does his mother when they both get over being angry and let their hearts remember the young love they left behind. Whit is even thinking about marriage, and he's determined to be a better stepfather than the one he had. But can their newfound love withstand the secret Melissa has kept from Whit?

    Moreland tells a warm, emotional story with a strong sense of place as Whit, the perennial outsider, finds out what it's like to belong. The story pulls you along effortlessly for a pleasant evening's read

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 1/07/05

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