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    Review of STOLEN SON by Fran Shaff (see her website)

    Champagne Books, April 2005

    Ella Mason knows she needs to get on with her life, but life has seemed meaningless and empty since her baby son was stolen from the hospital--and never recovered. But when handsome carpenter Rafe Wallace comes into her life with an offer too good to be true--free work on her house if she'll only pay for the materials--she starts to feel again. Although she knows she'll never completely recover from the theft of her son, Rafe teaches her that it is possible to deal with disaster and to survive. It doesn't take long before the feelings she shares with Rafe begin to escalate.

    Rafe hates the lie he's telling, and the secret he has kept from this beautiful woman. But he can't share the truth with her until he gets to know her better. There's nothing more important to him than his son. If Ella is the wrong kind of woman, he'll keep his secret and his lies until he dies. But when he discovers the goodness that is Ella, and the horrible suffering she's gone through since losing Mica, he knows he owes her the truth--even though that truth will destroy his own happiness forever.

    Author Fran Shaff (see more reviews of novels by Shaff) deals with high emotion. For most parents, the loss of a child is the ultimate nightmare, but for Ella, it's an everpresent horror. Parental disapproval of her choices makes Ella's life even more difficult.

    Fran Shaff's approachable writing will appeal especially to young adults, as will her exploration of the issues of family and loss. But STOLEN SON will certainly be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 3/28/05

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